Pringles Has Already Announced This Year’s Holiday Flavors

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Pringles is ditching a delicious for honeyed this Holiday deteriorate with a all-new sugarine cookie-flavored potato crisps.

Along with a new sugarine cookie flavor, Pringles will also move behind dual of a “classic” dessert flavors: Pecan Pie and Salted Caramel. You can find all 3 flavors starting early subsequent month, Consumerist reports, with any can going for $1.69 a piece.

One caveat: Sugar cookie Pringles will usually be accessible at Walmart, according to Consumerist. And a other dual flavors will usually be accessible at Dollar General stores.

Pringles might have wanted to skip right to Christmas, squashing any chances of pumpkin spice-flavored crisps, though that doesn’t meant other food companies are prepared to rug a halls only yet: Yum’s KFC expelled a “Pumpkin Feta Twister” wrap in Australia progressing this week. And General Mills debuted pumpkin-spice flavored Cheerios in April, months forward of pumpkin-spice season.

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