Post-Demonetisation, BCCI Mulls Issuing Cash Cards to Players

Post-Demonetisation, BCCI Mulls Issuing Cash Cards to Players


Going with a times, a BCCI is mulling over a introduction of money cards to all a inhabitant players instead of restricting it to usually a few officials as is a box during present.

“Basically we are formulation it for a team. We wish cards to be given to a players and officials. Already we give it to certain form of officials and wish to enhance it,” BCCI sources told PTI on Friday.

Cash cards are prepaid instruments supposing by banks that can be used by persons who don’t have accounts with them.

The BCCI is also holding a two-day treasurers’ convention here to explain to people a wily issues they indispensable to be wakeful of about a Goods and Services Tax that is set to be introduced by a Central Government, besides taxation beliefs and accounting matters during a macro level.

“It’s about normal bread and butter work,” a sources pronounced about a interactive event between a Board and the dependent units in terms of treasury.

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