Photos Of Premature Babies Then And Now Show Their Incredible Journey

While it was tough examination her babies quarrel to survive, McGowan and her family done it by interjection to all a adore that surrounded them and a support of a medical staff. 

“While a NICU time is never easy and it is a roller-coaster of good days and bad, it was a journey, and Dylan and Elizabeth’s beginning,” she said. 

Spending a initial days and even weeks of their children’s lives in a NICU is an knowledge that is all too informed for relatives of preemies, or babies innate before 37 weeks gestation. Though beforehand birth declined between 2007 and 2014, 2015 showed a arise in early births. About 10 percent of babies in a U.S. were innate early, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

November outlines Prematurity Awareness Month, that is a time to applaud those babies who fought for their lives. We asked a HuffPost Parents readers to send in photos of their preemies when they were innate and photos of them now to uncover only how distant they have come. 

Here are those volatile preemies, afterwards and now:

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