Parthiv Patel as Back-up Opener: Virat Kohli Says it Could be an Option

Parthiv Patel’s certain batting with scores of 42 and 67 not out have tender skipper Virat Kohli so most that he did not order out a probability that along with second wicketkeeeper’s slot, a Gujarat stumper could also be an choice as fill-in opener.

With KL Rahul’s injuries, disaster of Gautam Gambhir and Shikhar Dhawan still to strike a good run of form, Parthiv has has emerged as an another choice for a skipper.

Asked if Parthiv could be Rahul’s back-up, Virat sounded optimistic, “Wow, that’s a good headache to be honest. You never know, there are all kinds of possibilities. The approach he approached both a innings, it was extraordinary to see. That’s where knowledge from first-class turn comes into play. The vigilant he showed in both innings deflated a antithesis totally. Credit to him to go out there and renew a seamers. He unequivocally stood out for me as a batsman, as a screw as good he did well. So we never know, let’s see what happens in subsequent few days and we will take a call accordingly.”

The skipper is also happy that a haven pool of bowlers has enabled him to pull his strike bowlers that bit extra.

“Obviously, it boosts your certainty adult a notch, when we have peculiarity bowlers in your pot as well. As a captain, we always feel that we can ask your categorical guys to pull each diversion that they play. Especially, we have Ishant Sharma and Bhuvneshwar Kumar sitting and watchful for their chance. Even spinner like Amit Mishra is not playing. So it’s a good thing that whoever is personification is station adult and creation his participation felt. That as a captain is pleasing.

“Especially in a diversion like this, where we get antithesis out for 280 on a prosaic wicket gives we certainty as a bowling section that we are on tip and dictating terms. As a captain, it is an combined advantage.”

Virat pronounced that Ashwin’s was a teenager niggle postulated while holding a run and detached from a reported ones like Wriddhiman Saha, KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya, a others in a group are fit.

“All 3 niggles have been addressed –Rahul, Saha and Hardik. All others are fit and fine. Ashwin is excellent and it was usually an deceit while holding a run on that sold day. All are fit and fine.”

About his duel with Ben Stokes, Kohli did not wish to hold any sum as to what transpired.

“See, he is rival actor and so am I. we wouldn’t like to explain or elaborate what happened on a field. It’s improved left to officials to know and know what happened. These things usually encouraged me in a past and they continue to do so, we don’t mind it.”

The skipper pronounced that Mohammed Shami has turn some-more stronger and can means gait for a longer time given his quip from injury.

“Yes, he is stronger and he had to sight that additional bit since it was a knee damage and apparently he couldn’t do anything with it. He came back, lerned unequivocally tough and is rushing in most some-more now. He is means to means that appetite for good 4 to 5 overs. He is bowling prolonged spells. He has turn some-more wakeful of what he wants to do and what he has to do to be a good Test bowler.”

On a lighter note a skipper pronounced that with a compare finishing on fourth day, a group can tell but tragedy during Yuvraj Singh’s accepting duty during a city hotel here.

“There’s a entertainment during a hotel. The whole group is invited. We will all go there and it is a good fluke (that we have won). We have a possibility to applaud in a evening. So we consider a guys will be loose attending a duty and chill for a bit longer,” he concluded.

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