‘One Million Moms’ Is Going Totally Ballistic Over This New Zales Ad

Protesters in Standing Rock are being brutalized, white supremacists are rallying in Washington, D.C., and we’re hurtling toward a meridian disaster. But don’t worry, anti-gay organisation One Million Moms is rebellious a real problems confronting a nation. Namely, a valuables blurb display a good lesbian integrate removing married.

The dignified panic-enthusiasts expelled a matter this week decrying Zales for a new ad that, in a montage of couples and families, includes dual women in matrimony dresses happily exchanging vows.

“Zales is regulating open airwaves to theme families to a spoil of ethics and values, and slur a sanctification of matrimony in an try to redefine marriage,” wrote One Million Moms, apparently unknowingly that a tangible clarification of matrimony already includes same-sex unions.

Their matter instructs associate bigots to transport to Zales stores and tell managers (who certainly have positively zero to do with a company’s advertorial decisions) that they won’t emporium there due to a commercial.

There are, of course, some legitimate reasons to impugn Zales, like compelling a outrageous fraud of solid rendezvous rings in a initial place. But their thorough blurb isn’t one of them.

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