Natalia Castellar Was Bullied For Her Eyebrows, Then They Launched Her Modeling Career

Our unique features make us beautiful, though it can be hard to see them that way.

As a child flourishing adult in Virginia, Natalia Castellar was bullied “terribly” for her long, thick eyebrows. The Puerto Rican-born 17-year-old says things got so bad, she roughly shaved them down.

“I had a lot of self-respect issues,” Castellar told HuffPost. “It was really formidable for me to welcome myself.”

Thanks to a understanding family, Castellar gradually schooled to adore her brows. Then her sister posted shots of her on a photography blog, W reports, and a fan bottom grew. Castellar recently sealed a displaying agreement with a successful group Next Models.

The eyebrows she once saw as a cut are now her defining feature. 

“My eyebrows are a sum advantage,” Castellar said. “They aren’t a usually thing that make me a good model, though they play a outrageous purpose in attracting courtesy from both fans and intensity clients.”

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