More Than Half Of British Drone Owners Are ‘Flying Blind’, CAA Warns

Partnering with a atmosphere trade control physique NATS, a CAA has launched a neumonic to foster protected flying:

  • Don’t fly nearby airports or airfields
  • Remember to stay next 400ft (120m) and during slightest 150ft (50m) divided from buildings and people
  • Observe your worker during all times 
  • Never fly nearby aircraft
  • Enjoy responsibly 

Andrew Sage during NATS said: “Drones are an incredible, moving record though it’s critical that people are regulating them safely.  

“With a series of reported worker incidents on a rise, it’s critical that people know their authorised obligations and fly safe, carrying fun while ensuring other users of a UK’s airspace aren’t put during risk.”

Only 36% of buyers surveyed were given recommendation during a indicate of sale. 

The CAA and NATS are now operative with retailers to safeguard that business are warned of their responsibilities.

The series of near-misses with aircraft has scarcely doubled in 2016. So distant this year there have been 56 incidents, compared to 29 in 2015.

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