Michigan Students Create ‘Pass On The Positivity’ Project To Spread Love

Editors-in-chief, Allysa LaFoy and Summer Perkins, and staff member, Taylor Blaine, told The Huffington Post their supervisor, Amy Linton, desirous this positivity project. 

“She never fails to put a grin on all a faces each day, and she always ends category by reminding us to be kind to one another, a quote she borrowed from her idol, Ellen DeGeneres,” they explained in an email.

When a students started operative on a annual in allege of a new propagandize year, they motionless to call it “Inspire” and concentration on a thesis of swelling affability and positivity. “Our idea is not usually to record a events of this propagandize year though to also make peoples day improved and enthuse them to make a change in a community,” they said. 

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