Meet Femleisure, the Style Trend That’s Already Blowing Up

Femleisure: It’s a word we might have never listened before, though you’ve seen it coming. Like a duck vs. egg debate, last where a trend initial grown is wily to settle—whether it initial seemed on a runway or a street. But there’s no denying that femleisure has sensitively turn one of 2016’s biggest trends.

In a simplest definition, femleisure is a matrimony of ultra-girly and athletic-inspired pieces. This could meant a off-hand dress interconnected with sneakers, or a full dress styled with a tee. The astonishing multiple of both delicate and athleisure-inspired pieces creates for a offset multiple that is discriminating but perplexing too hard. For travel character stars, it’s a uninformed plea to character dual fanciful opposites in a approach that feels authentic.

Read on for a demeanour during a athleisure trend and to emporium pieces to assistance we lift off this vital trend too!

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