Meet Child Prodigy Rudra Pratap

Meet Child Prodigy Rudra Pratap - New Sachin Tendulkar in The Making?

Sachin Tendulkar was 15 when he done his entrance in First Class cricket. The new prodigy from Delhi, Rudra Pratap was only 5 when he was seen rubbing a shoulders with Under-14 Delhi side. Is he a new Tendulkar in making?

In a video from 2014 that done a rounds on Twitter on Wednesday, he is seen batting opposite his opponents in a genocide overs. He took everybody with warn with his stance, spirit and a ability to take on a bowlers, who were roughly thrice of his age.

The two-year aged video has given left viral on amicable media, with users expressing their awe during a majority shown by the-then five-year-old Rudra Pratap.

Pratap’s cricketing rigging was eye-catching. He wore a top underneath a helmet to get a wise right. On a other hand, thigh pads were used as chest guards.

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