Let These Brilliant Lady Puns Wash Away Your Post-Election Angst

What a time to be an artist, right? If you’re not so certain you’re feeling adult to creation art out of a imminent Donald Trump presidency, a punny video starring Sam Corbin offers a box for this approach.

Corbin, a handling editor of Brokelyn as good as a performer, gives a two-minute pep speak in a form of a tide of 50 puns on a names of famous women, propelling artists not to give approach to fear.

“Our conditions might feel Beyoncé-ving right now,” Corbin quietly tells a camera, though “before we Mary Oliver daughters off to Canadians, let’s try something.” Instead, she says, artists should use a hurdles they face in a subsequent 4 years to emanate thought-provoking art, adding, “We need to feel Frida Kahlo-t misapplication in a work right now.”

This pun-packed video addresses a on-going artistic assembly that’s been rocked by new domestic events. Not usually a “Hamilton” cast and a “Saturday Night Live” cast, though writers, artists and performers around a nation have voiced feelings of fear, paralysis, and snub given a choosing of Trump to a presidency. A common thread in artists’ responses: a wish that their continued artistic work will be a force for good in a entrance years. 

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