Kids Are Writing Letters To Donald Trump To Ask Him To Be Kind

The letters to Trump, created by kids from ages 4 to 18, are overwhelmingly positive, though there are a few that communicate definite disappointment and fear over a president-elect’s tongue and some of a policies he betrothed to implement, which, Sahebjami says, are “inconsistent with what we learn a children about kindness.”

“Kids in my category are really scared, greatfully don’t flog them out,” reads a note from Abby, 6. “In my school, we get sent to a wall when we’re in trouble. My friends did not do anything wrong.”

“I wish that during your presidency, we can challenge my expectations,” reads another note, created on a behind of a postcard by Hadley, 13. “I wish we can assistance everybody of each race, not only white group with a same beliefs.”

Sahebjami hopes that these letters enthuse immature people to take an seductiveness in democracy and know their purpose in it. She also hopes it will remind relatives of a “simple, pristine way” that children consider about being kind.

But many of all, she hopes that a president-elect listens to a kids and takes a transformation to heart.

“It would be good if we can locate a courtesy of Donald Trump,” Sahebjami said. “He’s a father and a grandfather, and he’s human.”

It’s not now transparent if a president-elect reads these letters, though for now, we can continue to share a difference of a littlest voices in a country, in hopes that their summary will be heard.

“Dear Mr. Trump, Be kind please.” ― a note sealed “Little Boy Tommy”

“Please tell your supporters to stop observant and doing meant things to other people.” ― Sam, age 8

“Let a adore gleam through.” ― Avery, age 6

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