Introducing the 2016 ‘Teen Vogue’ Beauty Game Changer Awards

What creates a beauty Game Changer? It has to be some-more than only novel — it has to broach and give we that rush of complacency any time we use it. It’s a kind of product we find yourself vehemence to your friends about. But in 2016 Game Changers aren’t only products, they’re people, too. To assistance ID these singular gems, we enlisted the favorite vloggers and Game Changer Beauty Award recipients Cydnee Black, Maddi Bragg, Sammy Robinson, Karen Yeung, and Ruba Zai. These girls do some-more than learn we how to spike a cat eye; examination them during work feels like being let in on a secret. Check out their — and shortly to be your — favorite picks ahead. You won’t be means to keep them to yourself.

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