In My Jewellery Box: Ana Khouri

Vicki Ambery-Smith City ring

I bought this ring in London in 2008 while we was study during St Martins. As partial of a march we had to go and investigate British designers, that is how we detected Vicki Ambery-Smith. we was vacant by her work, so we bought this ring for myself. we adore a approach she creates tiny sculptures of opposite cities within any ring, we consider it’s so engaging and intricate. For me that was a unequivocally British impulse – we feel like in a UK there are so many artistic and particular jewellers building their work, so finding that was an extraordinary partial of a course.

Name bracelets

In a 1970s, before they were married, my relatives gave any other bracelets with their names on. It’s such a honeyed story, we always unequivocally desired them. Usually when a lady turns 15 or 16 she’ll accept jewellery, though when we was that age we didn’t wish a solid ring or anything, we only desired a bracelets so they gave both of them to me then. we wear them each day now; we adore a tenderness and a story behind them, as good as their chunky, 1970s feel.

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