I Forced Myself to Substantiate All My Social Media Choices for a Week



Have we ever attempted to force yourself to explain since we favourite all that we favourite on amicable media?

I never would have suspicion to do such a thing — and substantially would have (and frankly, have) abstained from “liking” anything on a mobile Internets to infer a point, yet during a Nov calm brainstorm, a executive of business operations asked if anyone had ever done themselves justify all of their likes for a week. We were articulate about expenditure month, and how Instagram binging feeds into that (example: after spending hours/days/weeks totally extricating myself from a appurtenance that is a photo-sharing platform, we will re-engage by effectively fondness all that we see. This is not a box with Facebook statuses, FYI.) we do this partially since people that we know are always commenting on how inexhaustible my father is with his likes and we suspect we am some-more rival than we like to consider we am. But a other, rather elementary reason is that we know how good it feels to see a informed or tangible face “like” one of my photos, so since not reciprocate? Particularly if it can, or literally will, change a march of someone’s day, we know?

Which, perhaps, is reason adequate to continue fondness with forward abandon, yet maybe one of a reasons we am experiencing amicable media and ubiquitous calm tired (sorry we keep whining! Complaining doesn’t work if you’re not going to put actionable solutions in place, that we am totally going to do once a gushing wears off) is since I’m not putting adequate BRAIN into it. I’m doing things and reaping accurately 0 advantages from the activity. Scroll, scroll, scroll, like, scroll, scroll, like and it’s as if any of these motions were a same. Even yet they’re not. So, after an enchanting week — surprisingly punctuated by an choosing outcome that no one in this filter burble saw entrance — of forcing myself to justify with reasonable means since we favourite (or favorited) all that we did opposite all my amicable media channels, here’s what I’ve deduced.

It’s separate adult into pre-election and post-election, since a knowledge altered profoundly following Wednesday’s upset.


1. we am not as inexhaustible with my likes late during night, quite since we don’t feel like thinking, or essay down reasons since we like something.

2. Sometimes I’d pass a picture, feel prone to like it and afterwards stop myself since when we asked, “what it is about this design that you’re liking?,” we couldn’t come adult with a good adequate answer. This frightened me a small since it done me feel like I’m forgetful how to explain myself; vital adult to a nightmares of many high propagandize art teachers, who are constantly reminding their students that we can’t usually “like” a square of art. You have to explain what it does for you.

3. The difference to this order was when we came opposite something that seemed so frivolous, like a spirit recipe video, that we was means to like since (here’s what we wrote) “It done me feel intensely satisfied in a approach that we never suspicion a food recipe could. It done me feel excited; does it mean that we am evolving/growing up? Developing an seductiveness opposite fields that we have formerly never cared about?”

This box was not so for inspirational quotes, that historically, we hate, since they have some-more or reduction mislaid their appetite in a age of mind-numbing re-posting.

4. When we did like things, we got intensely internal, as evidenced by a note we wrote and chronicled in object three. This was irritating too.

5. we did not like a singular thing on Facebook. Somehow we felt some-more unknown in my Instagram drumming that we did on Facebook, where my name would live, spelled out so clearly, underneath a print or a standing or a comment. Was we broke to be seen so actively enchanting with a platform? This, of course, forced me to consternation where a annoyance was entrance from. What it was. Why it was.

Get behind to me on this.


1. Everything we pronounced about inspirational quotes before to a upset, we totally took behind early on Wednesday.

1a. “Liking” unequivocally can feel like a form of amicable media activism. Even if it does not get we anywhere and competence consequentially trick you into meditative you’re putting change in place, there is really genuine value tethered to village effort; to creation a opinions around we feel like they are reduction alone and subsequently to proof to yourself that you’re not alone, either.

2. It is implausible how fast an zeal to get concerned in a review can cringe when we feel like a many exposed chronicle of yourself. Between Wednesday afternoon and Friday, we consider we usually looked during Instagram twice. A lot of posts frightened me and some of them barbarous me (particularly among a really polarizing comments geared towards how people cope with news they don’t like), so we got off, drank prohibited chocolate and played house games. we meant metaphorically, yet we know. This was uncanny and rather false given how we felt progressing on Wednesday (take action! Must. Do. Something. Now).

Sweeping deduction: we feel brain dead.

Looking for some-more ways to channel your appetite post-election? Try any of these movement points.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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