How Taylor Swift Taught This Gay Fan The Value Of Being Fearless

To a world, Taylor Swift is a country-pop, occasionally divisive superstar whose talent is matched usually by white-hot ambition. But to Tyler Conroy, she’ll always be a purpose indication who helped him by some of a darkest durations in his adolescence.

“Taylor is someone who’s lived a certain lifestyle and wants to tell other people, ‘You can live a good life if we only learn to be yourself and not let yourself be tangible by a things that other people who don’t matter say,’” a 24-year-old told The Huffington Post. “One of my favorite things that Taylor has taught me is that if we feel like you’re different, you’re propitious adequate to be different, and we shouldn’t change that.”

Conroy detected Swift’s song in 2008 after a thespian expelled her strike album, “Fearless.” At a time, he was a closeted happy teen who struggled to fit in during his Massachusetts high school, and had even contemplated suicide. Eight years later, he’s a “honorary author” of Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song, a comprehensive, 280-page book that celebrates Swift’s 10th anniversary on a song scene. Released in October, a book is a mesmerizing, fan-sourced gathering of interviews, manuscript reviews, essays and photographs chronicling a era-defining star. 

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