Hold The Gravy! These Are The Foods Not Allowed In Carry-On Luggage

Grandma’s famous cranberry salsa might have to find a new approach to fly.

The Transportation Security Administration has expelled a list in time for a holidays of food equipment that are taboo in carry-on luggage.

The good news: Turkey is allowed, as good as uninformed whole fruit, cakes and pies — yet they might need additional screening, a TSA notes.

Other equipment that are in glass form — including gravy, crushed potatoes, jams and jellies, salsa and maple syrup — will possibly have to be checked in, shipped, or belong to a 3.4 oz. (100 ml) order to sojourn in your carry-on luggage.

One good tip is that if a object can spill, be sprayed, spread, dumped, poured or pumped, it should belong to a TSA’s glass rules.

Check out a list next of taboo items. If we have an object that’s not on a list and are unsure, we can hit [email protected] group on Twitter, Facebook messenger or by job 866-289-9673. You can even send them a print of a object in question.

Happy travels!

Carry-On Items That Must Be 3.4 Ounces Or Under

  • Wine

  • liquor and beer

  • Cologne and perfume

  • Snow globes

  • Cranberry sauce, jams and jellies

  • Creamy dips and spreads (cheeses, peanut butter, etc.)

  • Gift baskets with glass equipment (salsa, syrups, perfumes, lotions)

  • Gravy

  • Shower gels, face creams and lotions

  • Salad dressing, oils and vinegars

  • Sauces, salsa and soup

  • Maple syrup

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