Here’s Why The Jaw-Dropping Final 4 Words In ‘Gilmore Girls’ Make Perfect Sense

Yes, she could have slept with her oft-forgotten beloved Paul and substantially not remembered it, though him being a father is an doubtful outcome. Right before she tells Lorelai about a pregnancy, Rory receives a dissection content from Paul and is mostly unfazed by a news. Logan, on a other hand, shares a night with Rory during a tail finish of “Summer,” that creates clarity deliberation a timeline of a pregnancy.  

Here’s where things get unequivocally interesting. By a finish of a series, Logan radically becomes a substitute for Rory’s possess father, Christopher, a rebel son of a hugely rich family who eventually learns to tumble in line with his family’s wishes. The comparison is driven home when Rory goes to her father’s bureau in a series’ final section to ask how he felt about Lorelai lifting his daughter as a singular mother. Much like Logan, Rory surmises that Christopher will never be there for her in a ways that she’s always deserved. 

But only as Christopher was never meant to be with Lorelai, a reconstruction offers adult a probability that Rory’s fan favorite former boyfriend, Jess, still has feelings for Stars Hollow’s excessive daughter. The final time we see Jess in a revival, he gazes during Rory with eyes that misuse a chill exes standing they’ve both concluded upon. There’s adore there and it’s not going divided anytime soon.

If we’re following this logic, afterwards Jess, a nephew of Lorelai’s now-husband, Luke, is Rory’s soulmate. Lorelai spent 7 seasons determining between Luke and Christopher, but, as she admits in a revival, it was Luke all along. 

So prop for impact, everybody. If a array is perplexing to expostulate home how Rory will always follow in Lorelai’s path, we can ascertain that Logan is a father, though it’s Jess who will eventually turn her partner in life. 

I mean, wouldn’t you? 

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