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We will send we an e-mail acknowledging your purchase; and if we have bought a digital or package subscription this will also enclose download instructions (see a subsequent question).

Once a sequence has been processed, an e-mail acknowledgment will be sent to we as good (usually within 24 hours):

It will endorse a sum of your purchase.

It will yield a singular patron number. This series is unequivocally important, make a note of it!

For imitation subscriptions, a initial emanate we accept will arrive within 21-28 operative days. If we have any questions per your subscription greatfully email [email protected] or call 01858 438 884.

For digital package subscriptions:

You will need to download a app onto your device from possibly Apple Newsstand or a Apps territory within Google Play depending on a device you’ve purchased a subscription for (see a subsequent doubt for some-more information). Once a app is downloaded, regulating your patron series and instructions sent to we in a sequence acknowledgment e-mail, we will need to ‘create an account’ within a app (see how to do this in following question). Once both of these stairs are competed, we will be means to entrance and download your digital repository issues around a app.

If we have any questions or need assistance with a above, greatfully e-mail [email protected]. Please safeguard we embody your singular patron series as good as that device/operating complement we are regulating and outline a problem we are experiencing. All queries will be responded to within 3 days.

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