Graff: the king of diamonds looks back on his glamorous past

My universe travels started on  a stormy day in London in a early 1960s, when on impulse  we bought a craft sheet to Australia. On a whim, we motionless to stop over in Singapore, and  we happened to ramble into Robinsons, a oppulance dialect store, where we ran into an familiarity from England who was in a routine of environment adult a trinket department. we went on to work with him organising unchanging exhibitions, that laid a foundations for most of a tellurian success with Graff.

Soon, Hollywood came calling, with clients such as Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, who became a tighten friend. When she dined during my home in a South of France,  we sat her directly underneath an Andy Warhol portrayal of her, Red Liz.

I continue to transport – always with my container of wealth – exploring new markets and building relationships. With any trip, any revisit to a house or private yacht, I’m wakeful of how distant I’ve come.

Diamonds are my life. we investigate them, we delight them. we get a outrageous volume of compensation when I demeanour during a square of severe and  I know we’re going to cut it to give birth to a pretentious diamond. These are miracles of Mother Nature, and we are propitious to hoop a really best examples in a world.”

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