Go Against the Flow: Julia Kurnia, Founder of Zidisha

I’m desirous by a achievements of Zidisha entrepreneurs. For example, Duncan Chege in Kenya started an affordable IT propagandize in a Nairobi slum, where many immature adults worked as day laborers during a circuitously airport. Duncan couldn’t get a bank loan, so he used his assets to start a propagandize with only dual computers. Demand was so clever that a computers were being used, dual students to a machine, via a day and night. The IT skills a students gained there competent them for better-paying veteran jobs during a airfield – a vital step adult from a infrequent day labor they were doing previously. Zidisha lenders invested in Duncan’s IT school, advancing a collateral he indispensable to supplement several some-more computers. This double a school’s capacity, permitting Duncan to offer many some-more students. we see stories like this each day, and feel impossibly propitious to play a purpose in a village that creates them possible.

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