From Abacuses To Micro:Bits, How Is The Landscape Of Technology In Education Changing?

In October, we attended a display given by Gareth James, a Director of Educational Programs during a micro:bit Foundation, where we schooled about a story of a BBC micro:bit mini-computer, that was rolled out to all Year 7 pupils in a UK and has usually launched worldwide. This extraordinary square of pack is usually around 5cm by 4cm in distance – tiny! – and was grown in partnership with countless organisations, such as a National Stem Learning Centre and IGT (International Game Technology). It facilitates a training of coding, while enlivening creativity and exploration formed learning, and can be used to rise a outrageous array of creations, such as wearable technology, robotics and heart monitors. It will be rolled out to primary schools in a UK subsequent year, along with tutorials and clergyman training so that pupils will get a many out of their micro:bits.

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