Famous Authors Sign Letter Questioning Due Process For Campus Sexual Assault Cases

Was author Steven Galloway’s exclusion from his university position probity for women, or a complicated Salem magician hunt?

The former chair of a artistic essay module during a University of British Columbia was dismissed in Jun following an review into mixed allegations of passionate nuisance and other improprieties. This week, a Canadian literary universe has been wracked with conflict over a box following a announcement of a sardonic open minute to UBC sealed by dozens of authors including Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel, Madeleine Thien and Michael Ondaatje.

The letter, reportedly circulated by author Joseph Boyden, calls courtesy to “growing justification that a University acted irresponsibly in Professor Galloway’s case” and argues that as a box was widely publicized, “the conditions requires open clarification.” The matter has drawn an bomb response, with many arguing it shows small regard for purported victims and complainants. 

Galloway had been publicly dangling in Nov 2015 for what a vanguard of humanities termed “serious allegations.” News reports from a past year prove allegations that embody passionate assault, passionate harassment, inapt relations with students, bullying, and even an occurrence in that he slapped a student, yet a sum sojourn fuzzy. The open minute argues that a university’s open memo and actions following his cessation combined “a cloud of guess over Professor Galloway […] exceedingly deleterious Professor Galloway’s repute and inspiring his health.”

The matter also criticizes UBC for a miss of clarity per a specific charges and records that rapist charges have not been brought. Furthermore, a matter maintains, UBC has unsuccessful to make open a formula of an eccentric review conducted by former BC Supreme Court Judge Mary Ellen Boyd, nonetheless “[b]oth a matter from a UBC Faculty Association and a news of an eccentric publisher who had entrance to a Boyd news have given suggested that all though one of a allegations investigated, including a many critical one, were unsubstantiated.”

The many critical allegation, according to news reports, endangered an inapt passionate attribute with a student. However, a one assign that was deemed substantiated ― that is, upheld by sufficient justification ― was reportedly that of a multi-year event with a student. Though a Globe and Mail saw copies of a news sent to mixed complainants, it was reportedly “so heavily censored” that “the tools of a news that understanding with a sexual-assault claim during a heart of a scandal” could not be reviewed.

Some in a Canadian essay village have pushed behind on signatories, accusing authors like Atwood of jealous and silencing victims in a name of fortifying a absolute masculine colleague. “Here’s a thing,” tweeted author Kaitlyn Tremblay, “many of a tip writers signing that open minute to UBC sends a transparent message: we strengthen the own, not students/victims.” 

Atwood shielded her signature on Twitter: 

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