Exclusive: The Perfect, Shirt-Only Line

If we could usually have 5 panoply unresolved in your closet, a ideal shirt would positively be one of them. But what if there were 12 variations of said shirt? Welcome new tag Ammara, a new shirt line rising today. “There are dual forms of people in a world–the dress people and a separates people. The dress people tend to be safer, they buy something, they put it on and they know it will demeanour put together. The separates people are a bit some-more brave – they put pieces together and try to make a demeanour singly their own. we am really a separates person,” says owner Ammara Yaqub. “A good tip creates a outfit and we adore putting together something that is singly mine. Not to discuss when we lay down during a grill all we see is a tip – it is a many critical partial of your outfit!” 

The query for shirt soundness (and constructing an easy to pair, always-looks-good wardrobe) is what desirous engineer Ammara Yaqub to launch her new label. A personal fan of a white shirt (and a many iterations), Yaqub set out to pattern a line that offers a character for each occasion. “I’ve always felt that collections tend to concentration on coats, jackets and dresses. When we had a full collection, we found myself doing a same and it has been most some-more severe to come adult with a really edited collection of engaging and organic tops. However, I’ve found this is accurately what women are looking for. Every lady we know (including myself) has a favorite span of jeans, a trouser she loves to wear or that one span of shorts that creates her feel great—and women are always looking for a ideal shirt to span them with. There are never adequate interesting, high quality, well-constructed, au courant styles in a market. The tip creates a outfit and an extraordinary tip is a complicated woman’s LBD.”

The collection includes ruffled t-shirt styles with top sleeves, leather options, a classical symbol down with a sculptural, billowing twist, and an off-the-shoulder shirt with a pointed scatter in a back. The label’s edge, however, comes from a simply permitted cost point. While shirts are done from luxurious fabrics, they’re also sole during an receptive cost point. The dignified of this story? It’s unexpected easier to find a shirt for roughly each occasion.

Read some-more from Tara from PROFYLES.com, and emporium a product at Ammaranyc.com.

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