Evan Rachel Wood On How ‘Westworld’ Helped Her ‘Make Peace’ With Past Sexual Assault

In a new talk with Rolling Stone, Evan Rachel Wood non-stop adult about her sexuality and suggested she was intimately assaulted twice.

“Yes,” she told a magazine. “I’ve been raped. By a poignant other while we were together. And on a apart occasion, by a owners of a bar . . .   I don’t trust we live in a time where people can stay wordless any longer. Not given a state a universe is in with a blatant prejudice and sexism.”

The “Thirteen” star, who came out as bisexual in 2011 and now refers to herself as gender-fluid, certified she’s gifted “physical, psychological, [and] sexual” abuse over a years given of her sexuality. 

“It was always talked about like a proviso or something stupid, or something we were doing for attention. You know, bisexuality is estimable of eye rolls,” she said, after adding, “I consider we was taken advantage of given someone knew there was something about me that they could exploit.”

The singer has given been intensely open about her sexuality, mostly vocalization about it on amicable media. She also common a video on her YouTube channel final year aiming to “shatter misconceptions about bisexuality.” 

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