Drake’s New Apple Ad Adds To Taylor Swift Speculation

Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, is Drake adult to something?

The rapper is already rumored to be dating Taylor Swift, and regardless of your feelings on that, a latest Apple Music ad is only going to supplement to a speculation.

In a video, Drake has some troubles in a gym while lip-syncing to Swift’s “Bad Blood,” as famous rappers mostly do. But wait, have we seen this ad before?

Yeah, kind of. The whole thing is fundamentally a supplement poking fun at Swift’s prior Apple video. In that ad, she bites it while singing Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” during a run on a treadmill.

What do we think, internet? Do they have bad blood? Or is it insane love?

As a tagline says, is a ad “distractingly good”? Or is it only distracting?

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