Donald Trump Allegedly Didn’t Know Just How Much He Was Signing Up for

It turns out that one of a reasons Donald Trump is somewhat behind on his transition efforts as president-elect competence in partial be since he didn’t know what to devise for.

According to a Wall Street Journal, when Trump met with President Barack Obama final week, he seemed to be honestly astounded by a far-reaching operation of responsibilities a presidency entailed. People “familiar with a meeting” combined that his aides also seemed to be “unaware that a whole presidential staff operative in a West Wing had to be transposed during a finish of Mr. Obama’s term.” (His tip advisers countered that he didn’t wish to “jinx himself” by formulation ahead.)

While a assembly was creatively usually ostensible to be for 15 minutes, President Obama finished adult sitting with Trump for closer to 90 mins — and fast satisfied a president-elect competence need “more guidance” than he creatively anticipated. As a result, a boss now skeleton to spend additional time with his inheritor in sequence to safeguard a well-spoken transition and to make certain Trump is as prepared as possible, given that he has no domestic knowledge whatsoever.

“This bureau has a approach of waking we up,” Obama pronounced during a press discussion Monday, according to Reuters. “Those aspects of [Trump’s] positions or predispositions that don’t compare adult with reality, he will find jarred adult flattering discerning since existence has a approach of reporting itself.”

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