Christiane Amanpour Reveals Her Hope for Rory’s Career on ‘Gilmore Girls’

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you’ve substantially had Nov 25 noted on your calendar for a while now. You might have dissected any new trailer, binged aged episodes, debated Rory’s exes with friends, and done observation skeleton for a prolonged holiday weekend (perhaps with your mother). But it turns out during slightest one fan is woefully confused for a imminent special on Netflix: Christiane Amanpour.

“Are these a new ones? Really?!” exclaims a differently staid CNN match during a International Press Freedom Awards (she’s only been sensitive that new episodes arrive on Friday). “Oh my god, we love Gilmore Girls. I’m vehement about Gilmore Girls‘ return.

Of course, she’s not only any fan—Amanpour was a unequivocally genuine chairman in a differently illusory universe of Stars Hollow, portion as a running light and statue for protagonist Rory Gilmore, who dreams of being a journalist. Rory tells her propagandize principal that she wants to be Amanpour in a second part of a series, and a Peabody award-winning broadcaster even done a cameo in a array culmination in 2007—though she now says that she finds herself “gormless” in a scene. (That’s “awkward” or “goofy” for those not adult on their British insults.)

While tract developments for a imminent revamp are tough to establish from a initial trailers, it seems probable that Rory’s given adult on her broadcasting dream: She complains aloud that she doesn’t have a pursuit and is seen (maybe) training during her high school. Amanpour is bummed during a prospect.

“Oh, Rory! Say it isn’t so!” she cries during a news, before charity another (completely amazing) idea for what Rory could do with her life. “I’m going to tell Rory to aspire even higher. How about initial womanlike boss of a United States?”

Amanpour says she was flattered by a approach Gilmore Girls framed her career, though her mania went over that: “You know, a uncover was so smart. The mom and daughter were smart, a guys in it were smart. It was rapid-fire, intelligent conversation, with unequivocally intelligent aspirations. It only shows that intelligent indeed does win sometimes.

Since Amanpour didn’t know new episodes were dropping this Friday (!!!), she has some skeleton to rearrange. “It’s on Netflix?” she asks. “I’ll be in London. I’ll watch from there. Great!”

Great, indeed.

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