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Logan Hotel Philadelphia

I recently had a event to knowledge a new impression of hospitality, Curio – A Collection by Hilton. The judgment is sincerely simple, a tellurian collection includes upscale and oppulance hotels handpicked for their singular character. The hotels any have personality, history, a clarity of impression and many other characteristics that set them detached from some-more cookie-cutter experiences. we could consider of no better, or iconic, hotel to initial knowledge this new trend in oppulance transport than during a superb Logan Hotel in Philadelphia.

History and Art

My personal aesthetics trend towards a modern; give me purify lines executed elegantly over tassels and chuck pillows any day. That being said, we always adore staying during hotels with impression and history, where we can feel a life and a appetite from years of hospitality. It’s singular when these dual elements converge, yet when they do we know I’ve found something special. For me, that is The Logan. While a oppulance hotel has called this space on Logan Circle home for years, a new (and massive) redesign has combined a artistic masterpiece that it is today. While not all guest might comprehend it, art is truly during a heart of The Logan experience.

From a really beginning, The Logan wanted to share a story of Philadelphia by a eyes of internal artists, some-more than two-dozen pieces placed via a hotel come together to share this considerable history. Not usually is a design deputy of Philadelphia, yet it’s also an critical further to a area that The Logan calls home. Situated conveniently along Logan Circle, many of a city’s best museums are an easy wander away. The locally desirous and constructed design inside a hotel itself supplement some-more than usually an cultured peculiarity to a property, we consider that a pieces assistance perform The Logan’s goal of being inextricably tied to a community, a loyal Philadelphia idol instead of a mass-market hotel. Each square tells a opposite story of Philadelphia’s history, from a roots in manufacturing; to famed Philadelphians such as Grace Kelly, Walt Whitman and Joe Frazier; to some of a city’s ancestral moments such as a Pennsylvania Coat of Arms, a Philadelphia Mint, Boathouse Row and many more. I’m not routinely an art guy, yet even we couldn’t assistance yet admire a impact a pieces had on my possess personal delight of The Logan.

The Logan Hotel Philadelphia Pennsylvania

World Class Cuisine

As hotels in a U.S. develop into charity some-more personalized and bespoke experiences, I’ve also beheld that a peculiarity of a culinary offerings is also going by a shift. It wasn’t that prolonged ago here in a U.S. that a judgment of eating in a hotel was looked on with scorn. For decades bars, cafes and restaurants in even some of a best hotels were left to languish, charity usually overpriced and tasteless options for would-be diners. Over a final few years yet that’s been changing, maybe desirous by their counterparts overseas. Regardless of a reason, there is no doubt that a complicated traveler is a beneficiary, and this importance on a food knowledge was one of a hallmarks of my possess stay during The Logan.

I initial gifted this joining during The Logan’s singular and impossibly renouned rooftop bar, The Assembly. Featuring overwhelming city views, this upscale and impossibly stylish loll is really a place to be. With sensuous seating, glow pits, an endless collection of champagnes and cocktails, The Assembly isn’t usually good for guests, it has really fast turn one of Philadelphia’s prohibited spots.

The genuine star of a culinary theatre during The Logan yet is a dependent restaurant, Urban Farmer. “Farm to table” and “locally sourced” are hum difference in a foodie universe that are abused and overused. However, during Urban Farmer they’re indeed true. Every final detail, from taste to any taste that hits a image isn’t usually solemnly planned, yet it’s designed with Philadelphia in mind. Herbs are grown in-house, they do all of their possess pickling and any cut of beef is even butchered in a restaurant. If this smart steakhouse could lift cows in a hotel I’m certain they would. Capturing a judgment of farming chic, this is an upscale investiture that feels casual, a smashing element to The Logan itself. At a finish of a day yet it’s all about a food, and after an downright (in a good way) dinner, we can definitively contend that a Urban Farmer delivers on all fronts. As a loyal carnivore, I’m picky about my steaks and sides, yet could overtly find no error with this juicy eatery. It was a fun and juicy dish and one that we wish to repeat in a not too apart future.

Comfort and Hospitality

At a finish of a day, we don’t name a hotel formed on design or how good a bar is. We name hotels formed on their comfort, preference and joining to use and hospitality. This is where a loyal sorcery of a Logan shines by and because we know I’ll always name The Logan when I’m in Philadelphia. Walking by a front doors we during once felt during ease, interjection to a boisterous acquire from a doorman and a impossibly loose run that is unfit to miss. It looks like an old-school bar with abounding yet gentle leather, pale colors and copiousness of healthy light. It was a ideal initial introduction to a hotel that carried by to a room knowledge itself.

With 391 bedrooms and 64 suites, many of a bedrooms still conduct to keep their possess clarity of impression and character. Large spaces, lush bedding and linens and some implausible views of Logan Circle all come together to emanate a welcoming and forever gentle proxy home in a City of Brotherly Love. Luxurious yet not stuffy, good designed yet not pretentious, it’s a excellent line to walk, yet a Logan manages it expertly.

I always tell people that a hallmark of any oppulance hotel is a service. It’s a one item that can’t be purchased; it’s a outcome of good training and a personal joining on interest of any and any staff member to care. That means a lot to guest and sadly, it’s removing harder and harder to find. From a comfortable and eager acquire when we arrived to any singular ask we made, a use during a Logan Hotel was over reproach. It set a theatre for all of a other elements to enter and supplement to my possess personal delight of a property. One morning we was in a conveyor and a staff member entered behind me. He asked me what we suspicion of a newly remodeled hotel and after observant we favourite it, he was beaming. “Good,” he said, “I usually always wish everybody loves it here as many as we do.” That’s a special moment, that says something and it’s not a view that can be designed or rehearsed, it usually has to happen. If The Logan is deputy of what a other Curio Collection hotels contingency be like, we can’t wait to knowledge their other destinations, usually as singular and usually as ardent about pity their communities with me by their ethereal yet expertly guided hand.

The Logan calls itself Philadelphia’s hotel, and it has positively embraced all that is good about a city. Every work of art around a hotel, a menus and even recommendations on what to see and do, they all prove a certain adore for a city that honestly can be tough to find. This isn’t a cookie knife experience, this is a singular and lush hotel that is a liberality homogeneous of an open adore minute to Philadelphia.

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