Black Editors Discuss What Trump’s America Means For Minorities

Kyra Kyles, a editor-in-chief of Ebony magazine, and Darnell Moore, comparison editor during, assimilated The Huffington Post Black Voices’ “The Breakdown” final Thursday to discuss the impact that President-elect Donald Trump’s feat will have on people of color. 

Kyles and Moore, who spoke with Black Voices Senior Editor Lilly Workneh and Voices Culture Writer Zeba Blay, talked about several reasons that they consider attributed to Trump’s overwhelming win and how minority communities can cope relocating forward. 

Moore suggested that black Americans double-down on a common mobilization that has fueled organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“Our presence tends to come from a approach we emanate on a possess terms,” he said. “For me, self-determination and collectivity is going to be what’s going to keep us. In further to whatever resource we can pull by policy.” 

Kyles concurred that this new existence might take some removing used to.

“We can’t distortion to ourselves and contend this is not going to be hard,” she said.

Ebony’s latest issue, in fact, could offer as postpone from a post-election mayhem. The repository only published a annual Power 100 list for 2016, that facilities gifted black change-makers, entrepreneurs and entertainers.

Watch a full video above and check out some-more episodes of a “The Breakdown” here.

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