BCCI Never Responded to ICC’s Mails on India-Pakistan Women’s Matches

BCCI Never Responded to ICC's Mails on India-Pakistan Women's Matches

New Delhi:

The ICC’s preference to endowment 6 points to Pakistan after a Indian women’s group was deemed to have dispossessed any of a 3 matches of a ICC Women’s Championship was a outcome of non-communication from a BCCI about a team’s participation.

A well-informed source told PTI that there were mixed e-mail communication from ICC, though there was no response to any of a e-mails to yield reasons for not personification a array opposite Pakistan, that was scheduled to be hold between 1 Aug and 31 October.

The ICC went by a book and it would have been a opposite unfolding had BCCI given in essay that a domestic tragedy and cross-border terrorism was a reason for their “forfeiture”.

The ICC order states that a documented reason is a must, that a ruling physique never had in a disposal.

It was also learnt that a BCCI has not filed any central interest to a universe cricket’s ruling body.

An ICC technical cabinet reserved to confirm a matter felt a “BCCI had not been means to settle “acceptable reasons” for not participating in this series” during a time when Indian teams had been personification Pakistan in other general competition events.

The Indo-Pak strife in a Asian Champions Trophy hockey contest in Malaysia is being cited as instance by many, and a youth hockey group from Pakistan is also entrance to India for a Youth World Cup.

While BCCI bigwigs indicate their fingers during ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar, a opposite indicate is that Manohar is not concerned in this preference with a technical cabinet being headed by Geoff Allardice.

This is not a initial time a nation has been authorised for not for a requirement in an ICC event. Australia and a West Indies mislaid points as they did not play their scheduled matches in Sri Lanka during a ICC Cricket World Cup 1996, citing confidence concerns.

England and New Zealand likewise dispossessed points by refusing to debate Zimbabwe and Kenya respectively during a ICC Cricket World Cup 2003.

According to a well-informed source, ICC was also not worried when parallels were being drawn between a Faf du Plessis ‘mintgate’ occurrence and round tampering allegations leveled opposite Indian captain Virat Kohli given a video that emerged was outward a five-day stating window.

When contacted a BCCI central said: “This is an forgive being used by a ICC. They really good know that we need supervision accede to play Pakistan. we don’t consider they are giving a right picture.”

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