Bangladesh Premier League Probed For Match-Fixing


A examine has been launched into allegations by a actor that he was asked to repair matches during a latest scandal-hit Bangladesh Premier League Twenty20 tournament.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) pronounced it would examine after Rangpur Riders actor Jupiter Ghosh purported on Monday that group manager Sanuar Hossain had told him to repair compare formula only before a start of a contest progressing this month.

He claims that he was forsaken from a group when he refused to comply.

“The BCB is questioning complaints lodged by a cricketer of BPL 2016 authorization Rangpur Riders opposite an central of a same team,” a BCB said.

“The BCB recognises that a allegations and opposite allegations brought brazen by a actor and a central concerned, that includes crack of fortify and hurtful practice, are of critical nature.”

The Rangpur Riders diminished Ghosh on disciplinary drift on Monday after he went open with a allegations.

The BCB has also dangling Ghosh and Hossain from a contest while a review is conducted.

The BPL, modelled on a glitzy and remunerative Indian Premier League (IPL), has been blighted by regulating rows ever given it began in 2012.

The contest was dangling for a deteriorate in 2014 following revelations that former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful and 4 others including New Zealand’s Lou Vincent were concerned in regulating matches.

Ashraful was criminialized for 8 years after he tearfully confessed on inhabitant television, though was authorised to lapse to domestic cricket progressing this year.

The BCB’s anti-corruption officials have also thrown out during slightest 4 suspected bookmakers during a prior editions in an bid to safeguard a contest is corruption-free.

Seven franchises are personification in a stream book with several large names in general cricket, including Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi, West Indies’ Chris Gayle and Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara holding part.

Afridi is heading a beleaguered Rangpur Riders, who now distortion fifth in a points table.

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