Attention New Yorkers: You Can Give Back by Getting a Haircut on Black Friday

Between high discounts on all a accessories you’ve been eyeing and wiring prices so low that it’s be stupid not to ascent your prosaic screen, it’s easy to gorge on Black Friday. But in a midst of a selling chaos, we found a approach to yield yourself to a small pampering while concurrently contributing to a good means (hey, it is a deteriorate of giving, after all). If we live in or are visiting a New York City area, cruise skipping a stores and removing a haircut that gives behind instead. A organisation of tip N.Y.C. stylists will horde a Black Friday Cut-a-Thon during Ammon Carver Studio on West 17th Street, and all deduction will advantage Walk a Walk, a goal that provides bathing and educational reserve to residents of Mumbai, India’s Dharavi slums. Members of a Walk a Walk initiative, including Ammon Carver Studio, Hear a Hungry, The Heart Project, Be Awesome to Somebody, and Jenny Strebe, will transport to India in Feb 2017 to broach nutritive staples, yield backpacks filled with propagandize supplies, and offer haircuts to people who differently would not have entrance to bathing services. 

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To report an appointment for a Cut-a-Thon, call 646-838-9313 or revisit To learn some-more about Walk to Walk or turn a donor, revisit

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