As A Disabled Woman, I Am Terrified By A Trump Presidency

Other than carrying a boss who has demonstrated finish detachment toward a incapacity community, what does his choosing unequivocally meant going forward? The law is, we don’t totally know since he never disturbed to rise any policies associated to people with disabilities during his campaign. Nonetheless, it’s flattering clear we are in trouble—big trouble.

Donald Trump has already committed to creation critical cuts to Medicaid, including block-grants, that would extent a volume of sovereign appropriation permitted to states. Personally, this could be life-altering.

Right now, we work and attend in a Medicaid Buy-In program, that allows people with disabilities to work and compensate for Medicaid benefits. This module is critical to my livelihood. Medicaid is a usually form of health word that covers long-term services and supports, such as personal caring attendants (PCAs). Without PCAs, we would be stranded in bed and eventually have to live in a nursing home. The problem is—both Medicaid Buy-In programs and PCA services are optional, definition states can elect not to offer either. So, if states are forced to cut Medicaid funding, certainly they will start with “optional” services. This alone keeps me adult during night, disturbed about my future.

Likewise, Donald Trump has regularly vowed to “repeal and replace” a Affordable Care Act (ACA) (aka Obamacare). In further to expanding Medicaid for low-income individuals, ACA has several critical supplies for people with disabilities. Because of ACA, health word companies are no longer available to repudiate coverage formed on pre-existing conditions (i.e. disabilities), and while Trump has pronounced publicly that he wants to safety this provision, his settled health-care devise has lifted alarm on this front.

As partial of his plan, Trump has vowed to re-introduce high-risk pools, that can significantly lift rates for those with pre-existing conditions. ACA also prohibits caps on services and requires that durable medical equipment, like examination tables, mammogram equipment, and scales, be permitted to people with disabilities. In further to Medicaid, we also have private insurance, and losing it would be devastating, as it allows me to see certain specialists who do not accept Medicaid.

I am also deeply endangered about what will occur to a Department of Justice (DOJ). During President Obama’s tenure, DOJ has done extensive strides in ensuring a rights of people with disabilities. They have feverishly investigated violations of a ADA and increasing enforcement. Because of DOJ, easeful workshopswhich concede companies to legally compensate people with disabilities next smallest wage—are on a decline, and some-more people with disabilities are vital in a community. DOJ has also begun holding on issues that formerly were overlooked, such as a rights of relatives with disabilities and their children. Trump has a story of violating polite rights, so we am assured his administration will not make incapacity rights a priority.

As fearful as we am for my wellbeing, we am even some-more endangered for others in a incapacity community. we am a white woman, who is upper-middle class, and well-educated. In other words, we have poignant privilege. However, incapacity transcends race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, passionate orientation, and gender identity. Put differently, people with disabilities are a really different community.

What happens to my crony who is transgendered and a wheelchair user? Or my crony who is a chairman of tone and autistic? What about my crony who is Muslim and disabled? Or my crony who is also an immigrant?

Donald Trump ran his debate formed on injustice and bigotry. He has vowed to expatriate undocumented immigrants and anathema Muslims. He has called Mexicans “rapists” and people of tone “thugs.” He has called women “fat pigs” and denounced same-sex marriage.

As frightful as it is to be a infirm lady during these times, we can’t even fathom what my brothers, sisters, and non-gender-conforming friends in a incapacity village who are greaten marginalized are experiencing. What does their destiny demeanour like? Will they not usually miss entrance to suitable services and supports though also be incompetent to live safely, giveaway from increasing prejudice and hate?

Donald Trump’s presidency raises many, many fears. Right before a election, we declared, “If Trump becomes president, my life and a lives of other Americans with disabilities will be perpetually changed—I trust for a worse.” 

On Nov 8, my misfortune calamity came true. Now, we and others with disabilities contingency learn to live in Trump’s America, and that is over frightening.

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