Apparently, Kanye West Is Coming For Beyoncé Now

After his latest rant, Kanye West has done himself an rivalry of a Beyhive. West took a notation during his Sacramento, CA, uncover to speak about Queen Bey. But as Idolator reported, he wasn’t bowing down. Instead, he was on his “Trump shit.”

After display adult 90 mins late to a show, West told a throng that Beyoncé usually concluded to perform during a 2016 MTV Video Music Awards if “Formation” won Video Of The Year — that it did. This was something that harm his feelings, being that his video for “Famous” was also adult for that prize. He purported that MTV told him about Beyoncé’s understanding “so we wouldn’t run onstage.”

Before articulate about his feelings, West chatted about President Barack Obama, observant he “couldn’t make America good since he couldn’t be him, be who he unequivocally was. Black group have been slaves. And Obama wasn’t authorised to do this and still win. He had to be perfect.”

West afterwards explained “being ideal don’t always change shit, bro,” suggesting his possess indiscretions have harm him. “Hey, we know me — we went down for 7 years of my life, of motherfuckers hating me for observant that Beyoncé had a best video,” he pronounced about his barbarous 2009 VMA stage-rush.

This enclosed not winning Video Of The Year during this year’s VMAs. “Beyoncé, we was hurt,” he said. “I put my career, my life, my open well-standing during risk when we speak to y’all like this. This is a impulse in a matrix, bro. The vibes is back.”

West done it transparent to his fans, “now, don’t go tryin’ to diss Beyoncé, she is great,” adding “Taylor Swift is great. We are all good people, we are all equal.”

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