Anna Kendrick Had The Best Response To A Guy Giving Her An Orgasm

Anna Kendrick is a good singer, an Oscar-nominated singer and a really good communicator in bed.

In her new book Scrappy Little Nobody, a 31-year-old gets super vehement about sex ― including a one time she gave props to a guy for giving her an orgasm.

After a few months with a boyfriend, a “Pitch Perfect” singer writes that she still hadn’t had an orgasm with him. Her response when he finally got her there? A large high-five. 

“‘So hey, initial time I’ve had an orgasm during that whole situation,’” she writes. “I lifted my palm for a high five. ‘Up top!’”

Apparently, the dude didn’t take a enrich really good ― though Kendrick was right to give props; communication is key to good sex. One new study found that being gentle with passionate communication is directly related to passionate satisfaction. 

Kendrick also talks in a book about how she schooled to stop looking for love in a wrong places.

“Something extraordinary happened to me when we strike my mid-20s,” she writes. “I stopped fondness guys who didn’t like me back. In fact, we stopped fondness guys who were bad people.”

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