A Poem Written By Anne Frank Just Sold For Nearly $150,000

Anne Frank’s literary bequest continues to live on.

A singular handwritten poem sealed by a famed diarist was sole during auction on Wednesday for €140,000 ($148,620). The temperament of a online bidder is unknown, according to The Guardian.

The poem Anne Frank wrote is 8 lines and was created for her childhood friend, Christiane outpost Maarsen. It is addressed “Dear Cri-Cri.”

Van Maarsen’s sister, Jacqueline, is a seller of a poem and settled that she had also perceived a poem addressed to her from Frank, according to USA Today. “I know that my sister was not as trustworthy to this hymn from Anne to her as we am to a hymn Anne addressed to me, and that is a reason that we am now putting it adult for sale,” outpost Maarsen pronounced in a minute concomitant a poem. 

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