6 Common Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

Written by Paddy Maddison

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21st Oct 2016 / 6 Common Grooming Mistakes to Avoid






Faux Pas


Male bathing is an comprehensive minefield these days, there’s only so many to remember. What moisturiser should we use? What’s a finished thing when it comes to venturing south with a ol’ razor? Should we get a back, pouch and crack? Well let’s stop right there and contend that no, we substantially shouldn’t. However, we’ll do a pinnacle to answer your other queries and afterwards some. Just make certain you’re not committing any of these principal bathing sins and you’ll be golden.

Unkempt facial hair 

A bit of facial hair is good though all too mostly we see guys who are only unwell to keep theirs in check. If you’re sporting a bit of stubble afterwards be certain to keep it good and trimmed, or if you’re bustling flourishing a brave afterwards keep it neat by pleat any wandering hairs in a counterpart with a span of scissors. It unequivocally does make all a difference.

Too many fragrance 

This mistake is presumably a many common on a list though if you’re guilty of it afterwards we unequivocally are sharpened yourself in a foot… twice. Why twice? Well, it’s since your aftershave is going to run out faster, that is going to cost we some-more money, and also since you’re going around smelling like a inside of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s handbag. Never a good vibe to give off.

Below a belt 

If we design your other half to be easily embellished down next afterwards it stands to reason that they should be means to design a same from you. Now we’re not suggesting that we should book yourself in for a brazilian or anything insane like that though it positively wouldn’t harm to have a small neat adult with a scissors and a physique groomer – only be careful.

Not moisturising 

If you’re not used to shopping moisturisers afterwards it can be a calamity perplexing to collect out a right one. A lot of people will tell we that men’s and women’s moisturisers are accurately a same though it’s not true. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin and a moisturisers are designed to cope with that. Basically, only hang to anything with ‘MEN’ created on a wrapping and we can’t go too distant wrong.

Unkempt nose and ear hair 

You cut a hair on your conduct and we’ve determined that you’re going to trim your brave and neat adult next a belt. So if that’s a box afterwards because provide your nose and ear hair any differently? You don’t need to flare out on a trimmer, only keep it underneath control with a span of scissors if need be. We’re flattering certain that there can’t be many things some-more off-putting for your date than sitting conflicting a list from a man who’s growing a jungle out of sixty percent of a holes on his face.

Going overboard 

At totally a conflicting finish of a spectrum is a many metrosexual of all a bathing errors – going overboard when it comes to physique hair removal. The aim should be to keep all good and neat. The aim should not be to take a bath in a vat of hair dismissal cream and afterwards book yourself into a salon to have your eyebrows shaped. A small bit of hair is good. It’s all about balance.

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