4 Revelations About the Gilmore Girls Stars’ First Day Back on Set

Pretty most any revolutionary Gilmore Girls fan could tell we accurately where they were when they schooled that a dear array would be regenerated on Netflix this fall. And notwithstanding years of forgetful that a lapse to Stars Hollow would one day turn reality, many of us were agreeably astounded by a initial announcement. But for a show’s cast, discussions about a reconstruction had been going on for utterly some time.

“It’s been a prolonged highway given these things don’t occur in a linear way,” Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai Gilmore, recently pronounced during Netflix’s Television Critics Association press day. “We’ve been articulate about it, we feel like, given a day a aged uncover ended, and we consider a initial step was ‘Is there willingness? If we could make it happen, would we?’ And from there, we mean, literally until a night before we were filming, we don’t consider we had everybody. It only doesn’t occur in a linear way. So yes, we’ve been articulate about it for so, so, so long—that was partial of a service and fun of indeed removing to do it given we consider we finished adult removing to do it in a ideal way.”

And when a expel returned to a set to start filming a 4 90-minute episodes for a reboot series, patrician Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life, they picked adult right where they left off. Scroll down to find out 4 revelations from a stars.

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