30 Beautiful Baby Names For Girls That Aren’t Overdone

There are many ways to sign a baby name’s popularity. Nameberry maintains a Nameberry Top 1000 Names list, formed on a particular name pages that accept a many visitors. 

Our tip 1000 list competence resemble a U.S. Social Security Administration’s tip 1000 names list ― everybody loves Charlotte ― nonetheless a array of a many renouned names on Nameberry will certainly surprise. Especially a ones that don’t even moment a U.S. tip 1000.

What names do Nameberry fans adore right now? Here are 30 examples for baby name inspiration:

1. Amara

Nameberry Rank: 57

U.S. Rank: 461 

Amara means “grace” in Igbo, nonetheless it also has definition in Sanskrit, Mongolian, Italian, and even Esperanto. It’s a multicultural name that would wear good roughly anywhere in a world. It’s throwing on in a U.K.

2. Zara

Nameberry Rank: 74

U.S. Rank: 402

Zara feels like a just-add-Z turn on Sara, nonetheless it expected has Arabic roots, as good as ties to novel and a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. It’s a complicated name that doesn’t wandering too distant from normal picks like Emma and Clara.

3. Mabel

Nameberry Rank: 86

U.S. Rank: 578

The name only selected by Russell Brand for his initial child, Mabel is a selected name enjoying a revival. It’s recently re-entered a U.S. tip 1000 and shows no signs of negligence down.

4. Juliet

Nameberry Rank: 87

U.S. Rank: 240

In a U.S., Juliette is somewhat some-more renouned than a -et ending. And yet, Juliet is a tip 100 favorite on Nameberry, absolutely forward of both spellings on a U.S. charts.

5. Cecilia

Nameberry Rank: 91

U.S. Rank: 181

Parents mostly demeanour for similar-but-different names to reinstate a many renouned choices. Cecilia is staid to reinstate stream chart-toppers like Sophia and Amelia. 

6. Freya

Nameberry Rank: 95

U.S. Rank: 417

This Norse enchantress name has been large in a U.K. for years. Lately, it has crossed a Atlantic to locate on in a U.S, too.

7. Florence

Nameberry Rank: 96

U.S. Rank: unranked

Love normal names, nonetheless worry that they’re too common? Florence is one of several classical names American relatives totally overlook. The name is a favorite in England. 

8. Felicity

Nameberry Rank: 102

U.S. Rank: 360

With an fortifying definition ― “luck” or “happiness” ― a name Felicity has seemed in renouned enlightenment by an early American Girl doll, a 90s radio character, and rising singer Felicity Jones, set to star in a arriving “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” No warn it’s trending in a U.S.

9. Tallulah

Nameberry Rank: 104

U.S. Rank: unranked

We adore ‘lu’ names like Lucy and Luna, and now Louisa is behind in a U.S. tip 1000. Why not Tallulah, done famous by uncover biz fable Tallulah Bankhead. Patrick Dempsey named his daughter Tallula in 2002.

10. Fiona

Nameberry Rank: 109

U.S. Rank: 219 

Scottish import Fiona shares sounds with stylish Sophia and Josephine, nonetheless stays reduction renouned in a U.S. ― nonetheless not on Nameberry!

11. Amelie

Nameberry Rank: 111

U.S. Rank: 641

Cousin to Amelia and inheritor to Emily, Amelie was increased by a 2001 French film by a name. Now it is infrequently listened in a U.S., and even some-more renouned on Nameberry. 

12. Edith

Nameberry Rank: 113

U.S. Rank: 526

“Downton Abbey” names like Cora and Daisy have fared well. Could center daughter Edith be next? With built-in nickname Edie and a scarcely tip 100 Nameberry rank, we contend yes.

13. Calla

Nameberry Rank: 114

U.S. Rank: unranked

Take a flower energy of Lily, cause in a love for Ella, Stella, and Bella, and Calla ought to be throwing on. For now, a Greek name definition “beauty” stays rare.

14. Emmeline

Nameberry Rank: 116

U.S. Rank: 809

Emma and her associate Em- names have had a good run in new years. Emmeline, as in British suffragette Pankhurst, fits right in and nonetheless feels admirably different, too.

15. Millie

Nameberry Rank: 118

U.S. Rank: 477

Move over, Molly! The even some-more selected Millie is throwing on. Young singer Millie Bobby Brown, of “Stranger Things” fame, helps.

16. Louise

Nameberry rank: 119

U.S. ranked: unranked

After years of grieving in obscurity, Louisa is behind in a U.S. tip 1000. Can Louise be distant behind? Worn by 1920s idol Louise Brooks, and BFF to Thelma in a 1991 film classic, this name defines a “classic nonetheless occasionally heard” category.

17. Anais

Nameberry rank: 129

U.S. rank: unranked

This French name can outing adult some parents: it’s an-nah-EES, importance on a third syllable. With literary ties and classical roots, this could make a confidant nonetheless wearable choice for a daughter in a U.S.

18. Adira

Nameberry rank: 133

U.S. rank: unranked

A Hebrew name definition “strong,” Adira could surrogate for some-more renouned picks like Ariana and Adelaide. Sixty-one girls were given a name final year ― a new high.

19. Calliope

Nameberry rank: 134

U.S. rank: unranked

Take Zoe, Chloe, and Penelope, supplement in a lurch of Cadence and Harmony, and you’ll have Calliope – pleasing voice. One of a 9 muses in Greek mythology, a name after referred to a form of steam organ.

20. Saoirse

Nameberry rank: 144

U.S. rank: unranked

Oscar-nominated singer Saoirse Ronan helps make this Irish name some-more accessible. It means liberty, and in Ireland, it’s as typical as Grace is in a U.S.

21. Octavia

Nameberry rank: 146

U.S. rank: unranked 

Derived from a Latin word for a array eight, Octavia has prolonged been a name nerd favorite. A probable surrogate for Olivia, a name’s form is lifted by Oscar-winning singer Octavia Spencer.

22. Elaine

Nameberry rank: 148

U.S. rank: 648

The 1940s favorite Elaine seems like it competence be stranded in character dilapidation ― solely that it fits right in with stream choices like Elena and Eloise, creation it seem uninformed and engaging earlier than we competence expect.

23. Mavis

Nameberry rank: 152

U.S. rank: unranked

The name of a darling teenage vampire from a “Hotel Transylvania” series, uttered by Selena Gomez, is only one reason this selected name is on a rise. It also combines a sounds of Mae, Ava, and Alice and carries a good inlet name definition ― it’s a form of songbird.

24. Persephone

Nameberry rank: 155

U.S. rank: unranked

Persephone is a long-neglected Greek enchantress name with ties to a seasons and a healthy world. It’s no harder to wear than renouned Penelope, and has gained in use in new years, nonetheless stays outward a U.S. tip 1000.

25. Cleo

Nameberry rank: 157

U.S. rank: unranked

Once in solid use in a U.S., selected Cleo has turn singular in a US. But if Willow, Margot, and Harlow are stylish, because not Cleo?

26. Hermione

Nameberry rank: 169

U.S. rank: unranked

Like Persephone and Calliope, Hermione is another Greek name occasionally listened in new years. And yet, this is also a name of whip-smart Harry Potter heroine, Hermione Granger. It’s each bit as wearable as associate wizarding universe name Luna, nonetheless most rarer.

27. Isadora

Nameberry rank: 170

U.S. rank: unranked

Isadora is mostly suggested as a surrogate for Isabella. Famous dispatcher and mythological dancer Isadora Duncan gives a name an artistic vibe. It also fits right in with Nora and Cora, nonetheless for now, it’s occasionally heard.

28. Lux

Nameberry rank: 170

U.S. rank: unranked

The Latin word for light creates a spare, candid – and startling – choice for a child’s name. It would good for a son or a daughter, a initial or a middle.

29. Edie

Nameberry rank: 188

U.S. rank: unranked

Maybe Edie will reinstate Sadie. Another selected nickname name, Edie is brief for rising favorite Edith, also on this list. It’s also a name of Keira Knightley’s baby daughter.

30. Aveline

Nameberry: 192

U.S. rank: unranked

Nameberry fans surpass during finding names that could be a subsequent large thing. Aveline means “hazelnut” in French, nonetheless it indeed has Germanic roots. Style-wise, Aveline gracefully mixes Ava and Adeline, with a hold of Evelyn, too.

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