16 Pop Culture Moments We’re Actually Thankful For This Year

We can all agree: 2016 was not a easiest. Between all a terrifying stories in a news, luminary breakups, and luminary deaths, we’re all some-more than prepared to chuck out a calendars and start uninformed with 2017.

That said, there were some good things that happened this year – even yet they can be tough to remember sometimes. But it’s critical to during slightest acknowledge a brighter moments of a past months, as passing as they competence be. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to consider of a positive, and it’s healthy to do so. In a suggestion of a Thanksgiving holiday, we’re rounding adult 16 moments from cocktail enlightenment that done us smile, laugh, or hearten during some indicate this year. Because hey, it’s a small things we need to reason on to — and there is no improved approach to fight negativity than with a giggle or a good memory.

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