11 Grown-Ups Describe Learning the Birds and the Bees in a Sentence

Learning about sex competence be a quintessential sermon of passage. The moment we understand the honestly off-putting way babies are done is a impulse all a hypothetical friends are transposed with the beginnings of a initial wrinkles. It’s a collective loss of innocence! Our common entry-point into knowing shit. It’s step one on a highway to being a large fractious child who’s intimately undone and bold to their mom.

It’s also hilarious. Because sex is super uncanny and I still consider it’s super uncanny even after all these years. Having to explain it to a child sounds horrifying, quite since — as evidenced above — they’ll substantially never forget it. we asked 11 grown-up kids from group MR and beyond to tell me about how their birds and bees went down and collected them in a above slideshow.

No spoilers, though a series of video tapes concerned honestly astounded me. Where was my tape!? Did we have a tape? Tell us your story in a comments!

Collage by Emily Zirimis.

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